the wise-woman

Today’s trip to the Sydney Tram Museum was aborted by a Phillips head screw lodged in the front left car tyre. Not positioned to flatten the tyre but enough of a risk to head home. So tomorrow begins with a trip to K-Mart Tyre and Auto. The afternoon was spent instead with Men in Black II and Star Gate SG1. This was still good though as just being together is the important thing. There is healing in being together in a way that respects and values each person. Most of the work in therapy is done in the therapist and client “being together” in a way that values and respects each other – the therapeutic relationship. All that said, somewhere in each relationship there must be a commitment to communicating genuine feelings, whether of hurt or satisfaction, and attending to those feelings in each person.

All this is the work of the witch as well. Not the Harry Potter type witch, but the practitioner of the “old ways”, the village wise – woman,  with one foot in nature and one in the village, one in the physical plane and one in the spiritual. That is the ongoing focus of my life, to be a wise – woman. 


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