Two Women and a Micra

The screw in the tyre necessitated a visit to the Ashfield mechanic who had most recently attended to our Micro. Arriving on their doorstep at 8 am the response was – “busy this morning, come back at 2pm”. So, Bridge and I drove a few suburbs south to, where the tyre was fixed then and there. Being impressed with their work we asked about doing the Micra’s next service. The response – “leave it with us and come back in two hours (we’ll call)”. So Bridge and I had breakfast and went shopping. Loaded with clothes (what else?), we returned to the mechanic and found the Micra in good health. The head did not need any work, contrary to what Bridge suspected, and this saved around $1500. They also accounted for the noise Bridge was hearing in the engine.

We decided to chase down a rim for the spare tyre we had in the laundry, to give us a road spare instead of the restricted use “saver” spare. A run to Greenacre,  and at the third spare parts place, we had a tyre and rim for $30. Drove home, checked in with Kim, collected the rimless tyre, and headed back to Mathews. They changed tyres on the rim in barter for keeping the tyre previously on the rim. Fair exchange! Then to Ashfield to finish some shopping not possible earlier, and home. All by 2.30. A long morning but extremely productive and within the time our now former mechanic was going to fix the original problem. Micra sounds better than it has for a while, and looks better since we also squeezed in a top-notch car wash.


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