natural law

I’m no philosophy student and I won’t pretend to be, however one phrase (which I gather is discussed in philosophy) keeps popping up in responses to the LGBTI community – natural law. Or its variations, against nature, mother nature, playing God, law of nature, natural order. People who are part of the LGBTI umbrella, particularly Gay and Lesbian people who have children within a same-sex relationship, are told they ignore this natural law at their peril. A law which is implicitly heteronormative. Sex, let alone conception, which does not involve a penis entering a Vagina is deemed to be morally wrong because it is against natural law, and ignores the needs of any resulting children, naturally!

Louise Blum faces this argument, in her memoir concerning being a Lesbian with a partner and child in small town America. Without repeating the points she makes in her defence, I got to thinking about other acts that might be against nature. Surely constructing nuclear, and other such weaponry, would be against natural law, particularly against the focus on reproduction? What about polluting our environment, surely that is not natural? And, you could argue that fighting members of your own species for territory and resources is totally natural. Yay, war!

So where am I going with this? Louise Blum notes the argument that if you forbid Gay and Lesbian people to have and raise children, an issue that another Lesbian couple in small town America, Angela Eden and her partner, faced, then who else might you forbid, and how? Using natural law in an argument seems to need some care. However, the rub is that we already have LGBTI families. The horse has bolted. Fighting to shut the gate seems futile, but this is happening. In the U.S. now that same-sex marriage is legal, the Transgender person is the next target, with restrictions on bathroom usage. In Australia we’re still fighting against same-sex marriage, and programs (i.e.  Safe Schools) which normalize being LGBTI.

I live in hope that LGBTI people will be allowed to marry and live their lives, including families, as anyone else does. I live in hope that people will realize that Transgender people generally just want to use the bathroom. I live in hope that people will be supported in being who they are, whether female, male, neither, hetero, Gay,  bi, lesbian, or ho-ho sexual (as I read in Sex In Australia). I live in hope that natural law will morph into people being who people are, not what some standard of normality says they should be.


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